Welcome to RefFIT

Fast fitting, modeling and Kramers-Kronig transformation of multivariable optical spectra

RefFIT is a data analysis program written by dr. Alexey Kuzmenko using the input and feedback from many colleagues over many years. It is designed to fit optical spectra, such as reflectivity, transmission, ellipsometry and Kerr and Faraday rotation using the Drude-Lorentz, Fano, Tauc-Lorentz and many other dielectric-function models. Our users are physicists, material scientists, chemists, optics engineers, biologists and even computer-game designers. Many teachers use RefFIT in their courses: students can not only study the optical properties of materials, they can play, model and fit as well.

An overview of the software

RefFIT has so many cool features
These are the really strong points of the approach

The scientific models

It’s not easy to summarize all the science included in the program
Using RefFIT you can use all those complex tools for your work